nicola chanamuto


I am a freelance consultant in the international development field, with a special interest in gender and development issues. My background is in the public and non-profit sectors.

Working closely and flexibly with the client I work either remotely or from the organisation’s office base.


I offer a number of services including (but not limited to):

--- Research assistance;

---- Report writing;

---- Designing and writing teaching materials;

---- Business and action planning;

---- Monitoring and evaluation;

---- Copyediting (structure, wording and re-organisation) and proofreading (typographical corrections and thorough checking) for academic and professional documents;


My work ethic is based on two key values of quality and integrity.

In practice this means that I seek to deliver work of a very high academic standard. Ensuring that the clients’ needs are met is very important to me.

My intention is to deal honestly with the client, communicate openly, and provide excellent value for money.

Special interest in gender and development

Services include research, report writing and editing

Work centered on quality and integrity